I feel mornings have become an enemy that tries to knock me down before my day starts, every day. I honestly don’t like mornings. I mean, working mornings. Of course I loves holiday mornings when I get to sleep in and wake up to a stunning sea view and delicious buffet breakfast next to a pool in a fantastic new place that waits for me to explore.

When I am working though, no matter how early I go to bed the night before or how accurate I cut the minute to wake up, I always feel the moments after my alarm rings are like a giant killing me every morning, and I always feel too painful to get out of bed. But, of course, you just need to get out of bed, the pain you feel before will automatically disappear and you will feel life is incredibly amazing after a few hours.

I am a night person and I have learnt several tricks that helps me save time for more beauty sleep and ease my morning rush. Continue to read below and throw these tricks into your morning routine, and you will thank yourself for more beauty sleep by applying these tricks.


1. Pre-Plan Your Outfit for the Day

Getting dressed before 8am does not involve thinking. How can you manage to put an outfit together for work when your brain is still asleep, with all the accessories? It is even hard to leave home with pants on.

You can try to pre-plan out what outfit including shoes and accessories you are going to wear in morning, and put them away. It would save a ton of time, especially for girls who usually have difficulties in deciding what to wear. The outfit would also likely be a good outfit after planning, so you won’t leave home like a hot mess.


2. Simplify Your Hair and Makeup Routine

1. Simplify Your Hair and Makeup Routine Personally, I have tried to cut accessories and makeup amount, because my work-day mornings have always been in a rush. Also I am going to work, not a date, which means I am not dressed to impress. Having this mindset is one of the effective ways to ease morning rush.

I’d also prefer natural looking hair, so I rarely do my hair before work. What I do is tie all my hair up the night before and sleep on it overnight, hair will be added volume next morning without applying too much time.

Nowadays, there is another solution for girls who like to look fabulous but also like to have more beauty sleep—permanent tattoo makeup. You can consider getting permanent eyebrows by tattooing it, and freckle removal treatment. Permanent makeup treatment is a time saver for girls who spends most of time doing makeup in morning.


3. Put Favorite Music on When Getting Ready

musicYou have been recommended to set your favorite song as alarm, so you would have a beautiful and easy start waking up to your favorite song. However, it is usually opposite happening, a large-scale survey had shown that people would start to dislike their alarm due to the difficulty of waking up and the grumpiness of having to get up. So now you know, save your songs by never setting your favorite songs as your alarm, instead you could consider setting an awful song as alarm. The theory is you dislike it so much that you will have to get up and shut it down.

While getting ready, playing your favorite songs is a helpful way to feel energized and empowered in morning. You will feel it is another beautiful day of life.