While some people prefer purchasing a fully-furnished, serviced apartment and living in big skyscrapers among the hustle and bustle of a busy city, others love to have their home customized to their own preferences in a quiet, peaceful location in countryside.

The former usually costs a fortune, however, if you are the latter who has been dreaming about building your own home-space where you sit back and enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle of city.

There are 4 questions you must ask yourself and have clear and determined answers in mind. Rushing into building your dream home without a comprehensive, detailed plan could end up adding up costs and causing possible future regrets.


1. How much is my maximum budget?

BudgetBefore anything else, “how much is your maximum budget?”

You should ask yourself if you have enough money for the home that you want to design and build depending upon your lifestyle. The aspects you need to take into account are not only limited to the costs of construction but also potential maintenance cost on both short-term and long-term basis.

If you do not have enough money, you should consider postponing your plan, or getting a loan from a bank when building a house is an urgent need. Consulting with an experienced mortgage broker or home loan expert can help you understand what loans are available to you; moreover, you may get better deals.

Set a maximum budget and stick to it.

As we all know, plenty of construction projects fail to complete due to cost running way over budget. Try not to let a cost overrun occur by setting up a detailed plan beforehand if you want to have a successful project.


2. Where do I want my home to be built?

locationLocation, location and location. It is all about the location.

Personally, location is the most vitally influential factor for my lifestyle. I believe that it is so for many others.

Whether location is close to public transportation, work location, groceries and entertainment spots or not, it is going to significantly influence your commuting time and your lifestyle.

When deciding on a location of your home, make sure you go and inspect the actual site/place and its neighborhood, instead of simply making your mind up based on the pictures a Realtor showed you.

Pay close attention to the piece of land that you are going to build your dream house on and consider using professional earthmoving services if necessary.


3. How big is my home going to be?

Your budget comes first when you are drawing up a draft of a home. Because it greatly affects the size of a house i.e. how many rooms you are going to have, whether you are going to have a garage, fitness room or even a pool!

Also, make sure not only to look at existing family members, but also consider the possibility growth of the family and visiting guests in future.


4. What is my home going to look like?

This is where things get exciting, when your dreams come true! Your artistic skills finally are able to come into effect, and you can design the looks of your home after re-thinking and seeking perfect proposals regarding the questions mentioned above.

You can browse online and get an idea of currently popular trends for exterior & interior designs, and imitate the designs that you like. Take your time to find the right designer and ensure to communicate effectively regarding to your preference and your needs.

There are small tasks you can take on, such as painting walls and gardening. You don’t have to hire a contractor for all tasks but a suitable and reliable contractor can help you perfect and complete the actual labor work.