There is a saying “the best days to own a boat are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell it”. It is not necessary true when it comes to a home. The best days in home are the days you live in it, of course, and the day you sell it.

I have seen people get emotional and cry when they sell their home, and it is very common. I am not a home owner yet, so it has been a little difficult for me to understand. But I can understand a home is where you spent all the years, and it is the physical space for the small moments and memories that make up a period of your life. A home that we spend years living in could represent us during that period. People emotional about a sold home because it is like they are letting go and getting further from that part of their life and themselves. However, some people may cry for the memories they have in the home, others might sob because they can’t sell their home or they finally sell their home.

There is no shame if you are one of those who weep because you sold your home that you have built a relationship with. If you don’t want to become one of those who sob because you can’t sell your home, continue to read below to make sure you don’t make those mistakes.


1. The Price Tag is Too High

The worst home selling mistake a seller can make is setting the price tag too high. If the price advertised is too high, buyers will not look at it. A low price is not a smart move either. Not only sellers worry they lose money that they are supposed to gain, but also potential buyers would worry about the quality of the home. Make sure you get to know the market first and hang the right price tag on your home.


2. Selling Your Home Empty

Selling Your Home EmptyAn empty house makes buyers feel empty. I believe that a house is not only a space where you sleep in, instead it is a place where you live. A house should be dressed and “staged” with “accessories”. Buyers can only see the potential of the house when it is accessorized. You don’t need to go buy new furniture but use the existing ones. Edit your furniture and leave the perfect amount of furnishings.


3. Using Low-Quality Photos

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses internet to search for property. Putting a listing online significantly increases the chance to sell. Therefore, attracting visitors becomes the most important thing. How do you do that? Don’t use lousy photos taken by a cellphone. Appealing photos is the most effective thing to attract visitors. It is suggested to use a proper camera to take photos of your home when selling. The right angle and editing of the photography increase views of your sale listing, which helps you reach out to more potential home buyers.


4. Not Hiring Professionals

ProfessionalsSelling your home is not as a small deal as selling your car, which you can do by yourself. But selling a home by yourself is pure madness. It is an advantage to have the expertise of professionals at hand when selling home. The professionals you might need range from a Realtor to a conveyancing solicitor who helps you with the process of transferring property. The facts don’t lie—the home sellers who do it themselves usually end up taking longer to sell and sell for a lower price than those who work with an agent.