Life coaching is a booming career these days thanks to our advanced internet and technology, and an open mindset that people have. Life coach is not only personally fulfilling but also monetary rewarding, which is why many people who are passionate about coaching others started to reconsider their career path and start something they really want to do. Many of us want to work with flexibilities of time and location, and that is another thing being a life coach can offer. Have you decided to become a life coach but don’t know where to start? Here we provide 4 steps for you to take to become a qualified and successful life coach.


1. Understand What a Life Coach Does

DocumentA life coach is someone’s best friend who will be there by your side no matter what. A life coach helps people use their full potential in achieving goals for a successful and happy life. One mistake that plenty of people make is to think a life coach is a therapist or a counsellor. A life coach don’t deal with other people’s past, instead they focus on the present and the future. If you want to become a life coach, you must not fall into this trap by paying too much attention to a client’s past. You should ask “where is my client now?” “Who does he/she want to be in the future?” instead of “What did you do in the past and why?” You responsibilities are to guide and help your clients realize their directions and their goals depending on their own preferences.


2. Do a Self-Assessment

After you have understood what a life coach does, you should determine if you have the essential qualities that qualify you to become a life coach. Are you really passionate about helping others become better versions of themselves? Are you good at talking and guiding people? Do you enjoy spending time chatting and listening to people? Does your own life need guidance and direction? You should determine if you are ready, and if you have the qualities that it needs to start a life coaching business before next step.


contact3. Find Your Niche and Focus

Life coaching is a wide category that include many kinds of niches—business coach, relationship coach, parenting coach, weight loss coach, and so on. Before you look for an institution to get qualified, you should find out what specialty you would love to focus on. You can only attract a specific group of client once you have determined your niche. Also a specialist can gain more quality clients, and limit your competition compared to a generalist.


4. Get Certified

If you want to seriously become a life coach as a career, you should get properly qualified and certified. That means coaching courses in legitimate and trustworthy institutions are necessary. International Coach Federation has the highest competencies in coaching industry, so it is recommended that you should find an institution whose competencies are aligned with them.