It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we can fall victim to pest infestations if certain measures aren’t taken. It is often just simple things which need to be done but these things can be neglected or just ignored. However, this can lead to quite severe problems if they are left unattended to and the damage and stress involved can quickly spiral out of control. Take a few moments to just double check that you are doing everything within your powers to prevent pests becoming more than just a minor nuisance.

1) Don’t Leave Leftover Food Out

ratPests love to feed on leftover foods and even the traces on the remains of food packaging which we are all prone to leaving out at times. You need to try to place everything in the bin as soon as possible and to clean up any food debris before it becomes a magnet to pests. Sugar is a classic thing to attract them and things as simple as leaving an empty fizzy drinks bottle out can quickly become a major issue.

2) Keep Your Bins Sealed and Clean

binsIf you leave your bins open then flies and other pests will quickly pick up on this and you might open them up one day to be greeted by a quite unpleasant sight. Particularly in hot climates, bins become real havens to pests and any point of access to them needs to be sealed. In addition to this, you should regularly clean them out with a pressure washer to reduce the possibility of pests being attracted to them.

3) Keep Your Home Tidy

Excessive clutter around the house is a sure-fire way to encourage a build-up of pests. It will potentially become a home to various insects and rodents and so by removing it there will be less places for pests to make homes. Routinely clean and hoover around the home to remove any build ups of dirt or food which could potentially create a place where infestation can begin.

4) Minimise Any Standing Water

Numerous types of pests like to be around areas of standing water so if you have any faulty items such as guttering or appliances they could be encouraging pests into your home.

5) Check Areas of Wood for Pests

Insects such as termites and wood lice will live and feed within wood so if you keep wood for fires or other reasons around your grounds, make sure that you keeping them covered to stop these creatures making homes within them. They can cause quite substantial structural damage and the costs involved fixing it can become quite extensive.

6) Install Insect Screens

Have screens installed on your windows to keep pests outside where they belong. Companies such as Down Under security screen doors in Brisbane provide you with micro mesh screens which are an ideal way to stop pests coming in through your windows and allow you to let the air in whilst stopping the potential intruders which can come with leaving your windows open.