Shared Online JournalA blog, a diary, a news site or a shared online journal, whatever you want to call it we are all of these things here at Ibby’s Falafel. We aim to provide a space to collaborate, share and experience everything and anything that you can imagine. Learning never ends in life and discovering new topics of interest and unfamiliar subject matters is what keeps us growing. We invite you to present the things that you want to read about because if you think something is significant or it concerns you, then you can guarantee that there will be a multitude of other people that do too.

News items, personal passions, advice and tips shared here will be the things, we hope, that continue to pull people back to Ibby’s Falafel. Join us and make your mark or just peruse through the items you enjoy. They say that knowledge is power. At Ibby’s Falafel, what we desire is to extend a location where we can learn and in this sense we can empower one another. Being a regularly updated, ever-growing blog we will take each other down paths we were looking to understand more about and even one’s which we never even expected to.

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