If you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment, but you’d still like to make the most of your time off from work, then we would recommend a little camping trip. That way, you can feel as though you’ve made the most of your holiday, whilst actually enjoying yourself!

Some people turn their nose up at camping, whereas we believe that it’s completely understated in how awesome it is for you. There are a number of health benefits, both mental and physical, and it’s a whole lot of fun as well!

And the best part about it all? You really don’t have to spend all that much money on it. In fact, when done properly, you can actually do it for very little at all.

Let’s have a look at some cheap tips and ideas so that you can plan your camping trip and enjoy it all the more.


1 – Buy a recycled mat at Affordable Camping

That’s right! You can save a lot of money buy a recycled mat at Affordable Camping. This means that you can sleep soundly, on a comfortable camping mat, whilst doing your part for the environment as well!

2 – Borrow what you can

Don’t forget that many of your friends and family are likely to have much of the gear that you’ll need already! So, you can reach out on social media with a list of what you need and see which of your friends can help you.

You’ll certainly be surprised by people’s generosity when it comes to a shared passion for the great outdoors. As such, you might be fortunate enough to get everything you need without having to spend a time!

Of course, if you do lend off someone, make sure that you treat it with respect and bring it back in one piece, otherwise no one will lend you anything again in the future!

3 – Cook your own food when you’re there

Don’t waste your money on pre-prepared meals and overly expensive snacks that you don’t need. Instead, get a hold of a decent portable refrigerator or cool box which is going to keep meat and vegetables cold and fresh!

Following that, you’ll be able to make you and your family/friends an awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner from scratch! This is not only the cheaper way to go, but you’ll invariably end up enjoying the food all the more.

Here’s a list of some cheap and cheerful camping recipes that are bound to put a smile on your face!

4 – Go off the grid

Why pay through the roof for a plot of land in a campground when you can go off the grid and do it old school? Just be careful to research the area before you go and to notify friends and family before you set off. Also, if you are going into nature, be respectful and ensure that you clean up after yourselves!