How can learning dance help my child?

Dance is one of the oldest and easly identifiable forms of both creative and cultural expression. It is thought that ever since the dawn of mankind people have been dancing. It has now been shown that dancing not only helps people to express their culture and emotions but also improves everything from their coordination to their social development. In this article hopefully I can help make a clear argument for the benefits of children learning dance from an early age




Expression of self.
Knowing yourself is a journey with many steps. It is also something that nobody can directly show us but rather something that must be discovered as you grow and develop as a person. While this can be daunting for parents knowing that its something that they can’t directly influence, one of the best paths of self-discovery is learning self- expression. There are many creative avenues that can be explored including dance. If you feel like your son or daughter need s to express themselves, do bear in mind that verbal communication is not the only form of expression.

It will probably come as no surprise to you that, similar to other kinds of physical activity, prolonged practice of dance will assist your child with their general coordination and physical development. Use of different muscle groups and  movements will not just contribute to their coordination but also to their overall health and fitness improving their cardio and endurance for anything they could be confronmted with in day to day life.

Social Skills:
Sometimes children are reluctant to fully participate in other group based sports, however the fun and easy going nature of dance means that not only will they be more likely to take part with their peers, it allows them to develop their criticism and feedback absorption as teachers will often ask their class to review a student’s particular dancing skills to assist with their own development.  As important as their dancing ability may be, don’t forget to ask your child’s tutor how they are participating in class and how they interact with the other children. This can also help gauge a child’s enjoyment of what they are learning, obviously someone who is enjoying something is more likely to be jovial with their peers and participate more fully with group activities.

Cognitive development.
It’s been proven that there is an undeniable link between a child’s mental and cognitive health and development and their physical health.  Dancing not only helps your child to learn their moves but it will allow them to feel like they are expressing themselves naturally and will help them to focus their attention on other important things in their life like their academic achievement and how to develop the appropriate kinds of friends. Many good kids dance classes will take all of these factors into account when teaching their pupils, so find out exactly how your school/tutor intends to help your child develop not only in the art of dance but the art of being a well-rounded individual.