Living or travelling to Auckland soon? A fishing fanatic? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Auckland boasts plenty of fishing location. You will be able to bring in great catches in Auckland. The coastline around Leigh is home to prime fishing location such as Kawau Bay, Little and Great Barrier Island and Mokohinaus. These are just some of the popular locations to bring in great catch. Known to be a Snapper capital, you will be able to catch other fishes like the Terakihi, Kingfish, Kahawai and John Dory.

To make sure that you are not going to the wrong places, be sure to check out Auckland fishing charters, they will bring you to the right places at the right time to enjoy your fishing activities.

Kawau Bay

Kawau BayKawau Bay can be easily accessed by boat from Sandspit. Just take some time and Google “Kawau Bay Fishing”, you will be able to find tons of positive review about that fishing spot. The best period to fish at Kawau Bay’s shoreline will be between late December and the early New Year. That is when snapper move to shallower to spawn. However, given that it is such a short period of time, Kawau Bay still offer great fishing activities if you take a boat out.

You’ll be able to find some trophy Snapper residing in Kawau Bay but there is also a high population of smaller fish that can cause you some frustration. However, Kawau Bay has it all. Crab and Shellfish can be found out on the sand in shallow areas and a couple of good reefs as well!

Little Barrier Island

Little Barrier Island is another great fishing spot that boast some of the best Snappers around. Little Barrier Island is ideal for people who are used to fishing the Gulf’s worm beds and work ups. However, it is still a beautiful and fruitful place to fish in.

You’ll be able to find Snappers and Kingfish around the fishing spot at Little Barrier Island.

Great Barrier Island

Fishing Great Barrier Island is the jewel in Hauraki Gulf’s crown. It is a wonderful place to fish in. There are multiple locations to fish in and you will most probably find Snappers, Kingfish, Scallops, Terakihi and Hapuka in the area. Many people who loves fishing knows about Great Barrier’s loots. It is one of the best location to go to when you’re looking for a fishing spot in Auckland.

The Mokohinau Islands

Mokohinau Islands are approximately 25km northwest of Great Barrier. It would have easily been the best location to fish in the Hauraki Gulf but due to its remote location and lack of accurate information, it is not ideal for many people. However, it is still a great fishing location. Why I say it is a great fishing location? Because it is home to many big fishes. It is only logical because there are lesser people here and these fish are able to live without any interruptions.

You can expect to catch Kingfish, Snapper and Hapuka fishes here.