More than always I hear my friends saying that they are too lazy to go to the gym or that the gym is too boring for them to go to and to exercise in. Well, most of these are excuses. Now, I’ll be listing down fun ways to stay in shape without going to the gym to stop you from making any more excuses.

Trying to keep fit and avoid going to the gym? These are some great alternatives to going to the gym!



Going to the gym can be boring. Other than the hot chicks and hot guys that are out of your league, there’s only gym equipment and walls to look at. If that is your excuse, you should go hiking instead. Not only can you potentially meet some new animal friends but you may come upon incredible sceneries. Hiking is a great activity to burn those fats and yet can be fun! Arrange a timing with some friends of yours and hike to the top of the mountain.


Rock ClimbingRock Climbing

Always want to conquer that tall wall? Go rock climbing. It is a great workout and also a great challenge. The feeling of achievement when you reach the top of the wall is simply amazing and overcoming the various obstacle will definitely be something that you can flaunt to your friends.



danceAre you a dance enthusiast? Well, you must have heard of Zumba. Zumba is a type of dance that incorporates workout with tons of great music. Dancing is fun and it can be a great alternative to spending a day in the gym. You’ll be surprise how much sweat you’ll produce when you’re dancing. That’s the point though, and that’s what make dancing an incredibly great exercise.


Martial Art

Want to feel badass? Want to perform all those cool Kung Fu moves in the movies? Sign up to Kung Fu classes! Kung Fu is one hell of a work out activity that not only helps you keep your body in shape but also allow you to defend yourself better. Furthermore, Kung Fu isn’t just about learning how to fight but also increases your concentration and focus level while improving your emotional stability.


Video Games

VDO GameDo you love playing video games? Try playing active and sports games. No, not Fifa or PES, but playing those while standing can help. What I’m saying is for you to play games like Wii Sports and Xbox Kinect that will need you to perform certain actions to do well in the game. Playing those games will not only encourage you to keep moving but also at the same time burn some calories off you.


Do Sports

Sports like basketball and soccer can be fun to play with friends and keep you distracted from feeling tired. Think about the last time you engage in such activity, basketball and soccer can easily take up to 30 minutes per round with you going on full throttle.

Now that I’ve listed all these activities you can do instead of just going to the gym, you’ll no longer have any excuse to stay in shape.