Personal touch

Personal touch is normally customary in most cultures and guests are expected to bring gifts to give to the newlywed couple not only to help them celebrate their union and to show them how important their lives are to you. It is also a way to help provide the bride and groom with things that they will need when entering the married life. Hence why things like refrigerators, washing machines and cookers can all seem like slightly bland gifts but in reality, they come from a good place. However, why not ask you guests for something less expensive and more personal in addition to their gift.

Why not try a personalized guest book which should be something that has a little person al flare from you and your newly beloved have personally scrapbooked with photos of yourselves or guests and other kinds of fun trinkets and quirks. Then just leave it out for your guests to sign and record their memories. Leave a few cameras on strategically around your venue so guests can get their own snaps of the event as it unfolds, which can be a very way to get them engaged in the celebrations.


The dress

Now something that most little girls dream about when they think of their wedding day is their dress and how it will make them look like a princess, some people retain this idea of how they want to look on their big day however most peoples’ tastes in clothing and style (as well as pretty much everything in their lives) changes as they get older and more mature. But your wedding dress will be the focal point of the wedding and if you are the kind of person who is really particular about how things look and appear then you need to pay close attention when picking both a designer and the dress itself.

When you decide that you’re ready to start shopping for your dress  it’s best to set a budget and know your limit and not even entertain the thought of choices that you clearly can’t afford, this will only make you envious of what you couldn’t have and also more self-conscious about the choices you can afford. During the first appointments in the designer’s store, it is recommended to try on several silhouettes in order to determine which one suits your body type best. This will help you create a complimentary and unified look to your entire outfit.


The music

Now throughout any wedding there are going to moments that require not just your family, friends and other loved ones to be present but they also require underscoring with some powerful, lively, positive and meaningful music that both you and your partner love? From walking down the aisle with your father to be given away at the end of it in a chorus of heavenly organs symbolizing the grandiose occasion and also in some cases, possible religious affirmation of your union. Or how about the first dance?

Surely such a momentous occasion as your cherished first waltz together as husband and wife is symbolic enough to have a meaningful and romantic number underpinning it? However, it isn’t as simple as all that, and there are a couple of solid decisions you must make before deciding 100%.

The first is the kind of atmosphere that you want to create with it, in general terms, something like acoustic or organic sounding music and something that is slightly more personal to you as a couple would be best delivered by a live band but regardless of this most people still opt to have a wedding DJ can offer far more flexibility in both of a variety in music genres than a live band may be able to.

This is something to consider when thinking about the demographics of the guests attending your wedding reception. You also want to keep in mind that hiring the right band for your wedding is not exactly an easy task and will require a decent bit of research and wherewithal in order for you to not get a band who is best taught and passionate about the music you want paid, so make sure you do a thorough round robin of all the wedding musicians for hire in your local area and find the one that best suits who you are as a couple.