Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

How to Protect Yourself from the Sun

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Protect Yourself from the Sun

It is an issue which people continually neglect but adequate protection from the Sun’s harmful U.V. rays needs to be treated with due respect. You should absolutely enjoy the sunshine and in fact the vitamin D provided by the sun is good for your health so long as you are not exposed to too much sunlight. Simple measures such as using sun creams, dressing appropriately and avoiding overexposure whenever possible can lead to the fears associated with U.V. rays being mitigated.

Use Sunscreen Properly

We’ve heard it all before but still even in this day of easily accessible internet information, people continually choose not to use it. Alternatively people often use it but do not wear the correct sun protection factor (SPF). It needs to be applied before you go out into the sunshine not once you are lying on the beach. It will also need to be reapplied every time you go into the water or have a shower. Additionally, it needs to be topped up so use more every couple of layers. It’s better to be over-cautious and it takes a matter of minutes to apply so don’t be enticed by claims on the bottle that it’s water resistant or long lasting.

Protective Clothing

Obviously a hot sunny day is not the time to be wearing your winter fleece but neither is the time to be negligent and strip down to your swimwear for long periods. When out in the sun for any long periods you need to wear clothing which protects you, especially your face, shoulders and back as these areas will take the brunt of the sunlight. Check how good your clothing is at blocking out the sunlight by holding it up to the light with your hand underneath it and seeing if it is visible. If your clothing is not very good at blocking out this light, you should wear sunscreen beneath it or choose alternative clothing. Wear sunglasses and a hat. You might not particularly like wearing a hat but your head is almost always directly receiving the Sun’s rays so it needs to be covered up. You can receive sunstroke and become ill very quickly as well as burning your skin in a short period of time otherwise.

Stay in the Shade Whenever Possible

The middle of the day is when the sun will be beating down the strongest. The lyrics and consequent phrase “mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun” from the song written by Noël Coward say it all. During this time of the day you should remain out of the most exposed areas whenever possible. You can still enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the weather without being at its mercy. You could sit in the garden under the trees, or perhaps you have a patio on which you like to relax on sunny days so why not consider awning installation so that you can retract a cover during the peak hours. However you do it, make sure that you are not sitting there cooking in the sun as this is a sure-fire way to creating skin problems and worse.