Our home, for many of us, is our protective space where we lay our heads to rest after a long day of life. It should be a place where you can truly be yourself and enjoy the things you love in you spare time. For some people a home is not really a home, it is a property, which is a building in which money can be invested and ultimately, a significant turnover can be made from its sale in more favorable market resulting in what is hopefully a profit. It may be at some point down the line that your home doesn’t meet your requirements, and there may come a point where either your home is not cutting your lifestyle or family size,   or you may feel that the climate is right in that area to make a considerable profit, and in whichever case, attaining the highest offer that you possibly can will be the main focus.

While general maintenance and repair works should have been taken of your home throughout your tenure, some people can find that there are things that you may not have noticed or had a need to repair in your home, what’s more, during its life there’s a decent chance that the fittings and fixtures are now outdated and in order to sell your property in the best possible light, you need to have these replaced and refitted in order to get a market sale price or better. But there are so many other things that should you focus on that we could be here all day, so let’s take a look at the most pressing.


Room decoration

If you and your family have lived in any property for more than a year, that there will either be some aspects of the furniture or decorations that have either become ugly and worn out, obsolete or simply damaged due to thoughtless play and from  wear and tear. While these things may not be of vital importance to you if you are actually living in the house, when it comes to selling the property to  families and possible purchasers it can be worth investing the necessary time, effort and cash into all of these things. If you don’t, you may give the impression the house comes with the requirement for a lot of repair work.


So it’s perhaps best to use this process as an opportunity to spruce up both the paint work and any worn and outdated carpeting that you may have. These are often the most prominent and striking features of a room and will make up most of the impression of individual viewers have as to how much they like the decoration. Try to go for neutral but vibrant tones like beige or magnolia in order to extenuate the features of the room itself. And while you may incur a significant cost for a property you don’t live in anymore, it can potentially help to add an extra few thousands to the final sale price of your home. Good news for those wanting to find a new, larger home or for those who are looking to make pure profit.

Staging the property

You also want to keep in mind throughout this mad and lightning paced process of selling your home that you will not only have to ensure the house looks spotless and make sure that the home looks good to physical visitors, but also to reflect on how the various furniture and location of items will affect both the homes physical appearance in photos and also in person come the dig day or open house event. You need to confirm that all proof of your dwelling in the home is as completely masked in the areas travelled by the potential buyers as much as you feasibly can, so that they can assess the home as a fresh start from which they can build on.


This kind of work is best left to a dedicated and hardworking property staging expert who can handle all of the difficult to assess and implement work, while you may be helping to lift heavy items and be delegated to different helpful tasks, they will handle everything for you in order to sell your home before a potential buyer has even stepped foot in the property itself.