Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Pest Management in a Food Processing Environment

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Pest Management

Pest infestations can destroy the image of a business and having been associated with a pest infestation is something which needs to be avoided. Sometimes word-of-mouth can destroy a brand and whether rightly or wrongly, having this stigma attached can take a long time to shift. Within food processing there are further implications which need to be carefully considered as the sensitivity of the environment is higher than somewhere such as the home. There needs to be a rigorous programme set up to mitigate any issues as the best cure is to target the source rather than the symptoms. By following a regime the outbreak of any infestation can be reduced and controlled if and when pests become an issue.

Inspect Location for Pests Routinely

Do not wait for the issue to begin. Instead you need to be pro-active with regards to infestation. Food processing sites must have routine checks which are outlined and most importantly adhered to. Look at the areas which are most likely to be targets of pests. Places where food is stored, staff break rooms and toilets need to have these checks done most frequently.

Seal All Areas Appropriately

Through adequate inspections you will identify areas where problems could arise. The tiniest cracks and holes can be gateways for pests and these points need to be sealed to prevent access. On top of this sanitation needs to be of the highest order and ensuring all employees are demonstrating the correct levels of hygiene throughout the workplace are key.

Identify the Pests Which Are Present

Identifying the pests in your environment will lead to a greater understanding of the problems and how best to treat them. Through this, you can identify what is causing them and create some ways to mitigate or remove them. Sometimes minor pest problems can be solved in-house so identify and treat them appropriately and immediately.

Identify the Causes

Knowing which pests you have found present means you can take the appropriate actions and deal with the causes. Whether this is revisiting your sanitation processes, sealing the building in specific areas or dealing with the non-compliance of pre-defined procedures will lead to resolving the situation.

Reinforce the Processes

Now that you have identified the issues and the reasons and have dealt with them appropriately you need to maintain the good practices to ensure that they do not return. Repeat training with people within the location and keep on top of the routines you have put in place.

Have Professionals Visit Regularly

You should have a routine pest contractor who visits your site regularly. Any Expert Pest Control will be there to support you throughout and are the specialists at discussing with you what methods of prevention and removal suit your needs best. Explain with them the food productions which are happening within your environment in full so that can act accordingly. Shared knowledge will lead to future success so be accurate and honest at all times.