Now, we are by no means trying to discredit the advantages of buying second hand cars, in fact, if you can get a 4wd at a significantly cheaper price by buying it from somebody who has already put their time, effort and money into maintaining it well and generally looking after it then really what is the problem? However, as with buying anything second hand, there are a unique set of things that you have to consider and many of them will not just apply to buying second hand cars, but specifically to buying second hand 4×4’s. As different as they are from regular cars, so too are the things you need to watch out for different also.

After all, you wouldn’t go into buying a tractor without making yourself properly aware of the pitfalls and potential advantages of buying said tractor for a better price on the prate-owned market, so why would you make the same mistake when buying a vehicle like a 4wd. But what are these all important factors to conside3r when you’re in the process of looking though pre-owned 4×4’s? Well, let’s take a little look in this article to see if we can shed some light on the situation.

Reputation of the dealer

These days while there are still many people who will go to the effort of selling their car themselves in order to get the best price for it, many still choose to use a second hand car dealer in order to get rid of their unwanted 4wd quickly, whether that’s to immediately invest in a newer, more suitable kind of 4wd or if they simply need the money quickly. And while this may be quite the boon for a seller who is looking to trade in their car as quickly as possible, it can be a slight minefield for the buyer on the other end., and one of their main problems and concerns really lies with the used car salesman, who don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to trustworthiness.

After all, whether that is down to a legitimate problem in the industry or the more recent second hand car sales scandals have just polluted our perspective of how we see the industry as a whole is another conversation. The fact is that certain used car salesmen over the years have been known to use fairly unscrupulous tactics to make the cars they have seem more desirable and commanding of ma better price then they are, including things like manually turning back the milometer on a car to make it appear to have less miles. So make sure that you always check the dealer’s reputation in the local area and whether people are happy with the cars they bought or not.

Previous owners accessories

Now as with most 4wd’s, the kinds of accessories that you put on them to truly make them serve your purposes in a much more effective way are really what make them so useful, and during its life an owner is likely to swap and change out the particular configuration that they have on their vehicle to further make their 4×4 fit their tastes and hobby’s as they go through life. Sometimes these changes will be reflected in the second hand 4wd that you buy. And if you are intelligent about it you will choose a car that has at least some of the accessories you were planning on having on there anyway as this will save you money.

However if you find a particularly good deal on a great model of 4×4 that is in a great condition then you shouldn’t exactly turn it down just because it has one or two accessories that you don’t really want, all it takes is to find yourself a reputable local 4wd accessories shop like MSA 4×4.