One of the best things about camping, is being able to poke your head out of the tent at night, and gaze at the stars. That’s what really gives you that feeling of connection, making the difficulties that come with camping entirely worthwhile. But what about camping in a caravan? It’s certainly a step up from sleeping on the floor, but does it start to lose its authenticity? It’s not as though you can poke your head out of a window comfortably at night and star-watch.

There is a way of getting the best of both worlds though. And that’s by investing in camping matting for your caravan. It essentially allows you to set up a porch area for your caravan. Somewhere that you can comfortably lay out of even evening without having to be on the cold or wet ground.

If your caravan comes fitted with an awning, then you’ll have some cover as well, which comes in handy. However, you may just want some matting for laying out under the stars. In any case, you almost certainly should! They’re affordable, comfortable and easy to install (you just unroll and lay them out, simples). But what else makes them worth investing in?


If you buy recycled camping matting for your caravan, then you’ll certainly be doing the green thing. You can find recycled matting from reliable websites such as Affordable Camping Mats. Why buy brand new, when a recycled mat will serve its purpose equally as well, whilst reducing your carbon footprint?

In addition to that, the mats don’t damage the grass underneath when laid out. Depending on how long you plan to stay, and leave the mat down, the grass may discolour. However, once you pull it up and set off, the grass will return as healthy as ever. This is due to the fact that the camping mats have breathable holes punched into them, so that the grass underneath doesn’t suffocate.


Keep your caravan clean

The caravan matting is really easy to clean. The carpet in your caravan is not. This is why you should definitely invest in a caravan camping mat, if not to create an outdoors area where you can conveniently take your dirty shoes or sandy flip flops off before entering the comfort of your caravan. It makes sense to keep it clean and leave the outdoor bit to get dirty and sandy. A simple wipe off and sweep will do the trick.


Create a nice outdoor eating area

It’s nice sleeping in a caravan, and it’s certainly fun to sit inside and play some games if it’s too cold and dark outside. However, there’s something really rather special about eating your food outdoors. And what better a way of doing so than by laying out some comfortable and convenient caravan matting? You don’t have to cook the food on a campfire if you have a stove installed in your caravan. But if you decide against the kitchen and want to rough it with a fire for a change, then check out these 9 camping recipes for the whole family!