Who doesn’t like a good party? After all the prospect of letting your hair down, having a drink, a laugh and an all-round good time with your close family and friends is something that most people would jump at. And while having a party for a special occasion with your family members is a fantastic day that brings everybody they love together for a day of merry making, it is also one that is fraught with difficulty, choice and careful considerations that have to be made. After all everybody remembers a fantastic party well but everybody will remember a mediocre party much easier, and not for the right reasons.

So it’s important that the party is well thought through, not just in terms of your main “guest of honor” if that applies, but more to the day as a whole that is too be enjoyed by the people who will be attending to celebrate with you. So it’s important that you look at this problem holistically. But how exactly do you make a party that little bit more than “just a party”? Well let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks you can use next time this responsibility falls on you.



Now one of the main things that people will expect at a party (aside from other people to celebrate with of course) is there to be some food to help sustain them through the planned activities and fun. Now the choice of what kind of food in what style you serve it is completely up too you. Some prefer the idea of a buffet of finger food for your guests to pick at whenever they feel hungry and other people like to start things off with a kind of sit down meal to sustain their guests while they perhaps have a few drinks and dance the night away. But you don’t have to subscribe to these more traditional styles of catering and strike out on your own tangent.

A popular option these days is too have a “booth” style catering where you hire one or more professional caterers to prepare something not necessarily as heavy as a buffet or sit down meal but is a new experience for your guests, and hopefully yourself. These can include things like a sushi stall with somebody expertly cutting slices of raw fish and making sushi rolls to savor or to an ice-cream sundae stall where your guests can try a variety of different and delicious combinations of ice-cream and toppings. Or you could even go for a combination of several to really give your guests that choice in what they try.


Now one of the main things that people will judge any kind of event on is how polished and well-coordinated all of the different decorations and items you are using to spice up the occasions surroundings that the party will be taking place in. And to be honest with you, while you can indeed spend a fortune on this area alone, it’s really not necessary, you see, people will respond really how the colour and different themes are brought together and not necessarily about how expensive or flashy they are. A great way to add to the ambience and theme of the occasion is too look into hiring some interesting furniture for your guests to sit on for the evening.

You will be surprised just how much of a talking point something as simple as furniture can be. Some of the really in trend things to go for are reclaimed and restored furniture made form old things that were never meant to be furniture, like hay bales, barrels and even large buckets or oil drums can be used to create a dynamic and interesting place to sit. Alternatively you can go for something a bit more traditional just maybe in a different colour? The choice is ultimately down to you however to help you with this task the likely hood is that you will need to find a company that specializes in outdoor furniture hire to help you with this.

Before you sign anything or agree to hire any amount, make sure that you run through all possible situations with the furniture and how many people will be arriving and then add some extras in order to avoid some people being left with no place to sit.