If you own a 4×4 and you love getting out in the big outdoors, then you’re going to need some 4×4 drawers in your life. Such a simple design can be implemented into an already exceptional vehicle, only to make it all the more enjoyable. In this article, we’re going to talk you through the why.


1 – Enjoy those bumpy roads

One of the most exciting aspects of camping is being able to take the 4×4 off-road now and again. That said, it’s not so good when you’ve got valuable or delicate camping equipment bouncing around in the boot. However, with high quality 4×4 rear drawers, you’ll be able to relax! Not only do they allow smart packing, but they’re secure so your valuables won’t be bouncing around and breaking with every bump in the road.


2 – Organised packing

Another great aspect of having these drawers installed is the fact that you can stay organised when packing and unpacking your vehicle. So, let’s say that you’re off camping for the week; you’re going to have a lot of gear to bring right? Well, with these additional drawers in the back, you might enjoy the process, giving everything a proper home and being able to fit more into your vehicle!


3 – No more being hit on the back of the head

Often, whoever is sat in the backseat, ends up with a suitcase falling on their head! Or one of the smaller items that weren’t secure. Well, this will no longer be an issue since you’re packing properly with your drawer systems in the back to keep all of the smaller items secure.


4 – Security first

When it comes to leaving your vehicle in the great outdoors, you’re generally parking in areas which don’t have CCTV to scare off would be thieves. Certainly, the odds of there being a thief out in the sticks is rare, but if you have expensive items on display, then you never know. The great thing about having high quality 4×4 drawers in the rear, however, is the fact that you can keep all of your expensive and valuable equipment tucked securely out of sight!


5 – It’s not all that expensive

If you find the right company, such as MSA 4×4 Accessories, you should be able to have your drawer systems installed for an incredibly reasonable price. That, and when you think about how much trouble they will save you and how truly convenient they are, you’ll realise that they’re worth every penny.


6 – Stop your snacks from getting crushed!

Obviously, you’re going to want to pack a cool box for your meat camping cooking ingredients, but what about all of the snacks? By having drawers installed in the boot, you can keep all of the more delicate goods stored in there so that they don’t get crushed by a heavier item when turning a corner or going over a bump when out on the road! It’s the little things that matter!



Again, if you’re an outdoor lover, then you’ll want to be as prepared as you can be for your next adventure. We guarantee that with some high-quality drawer systems, you’ll enjoy your outdoor adventures all the more! It might not seem like they will make a huge amount of difference, but you’d be surprised by how a little clever storage can really improve the quality of your camping trips.