We are all too busy these days. We have a full-time job to do (sometimes the job requires more time than just a usual 40 hour job), we have a home to look after, we have a 7-8 hour sleep goal to reach, we have our loved ones who we need to spend time with. Asides to all of these, we still have little things we need to do in our everyday life. Sometimes the hectic schedules make us feel out of breath. Having good work-life balance is important and has a number of benefits. Not only is it helpful for us to go back to work re-energized and beneficial for our mental health and life quality. Making time for activities and people that matter to you is the point of building a work life balance. Here we have 3 tips for balancing work with social life.


1. Have Some down Time

relaxHaving time to relax is the most effective way to build your work-life balance. Work is something you can’t avoid, so the point is to have a little more live process in order to have a balanced working lifestyle. Add in some time to spend with your family, friends and activities that you love and help you recharge. For example, set a date night with your partner once a week. That will not only help you stay connected with your loved one, but also a great way to relax and recharge. When you set aside time with your families or friends, make sure you leave your work behind and don’t bring it to the table. Another thing you can do is to wake up a couple of hours earlier before work and give that time to yourself. We know it is hard for you to get up for work, let alone getting up 2 hours before you’re supposed to. If you could, use these few hours for a run, or spend it with your wife and baby.

2. Drop the Activities That Sap Your Time or Energy

hobby-shopThere are so many people who waste their time on things or people that make no difference and add no value to their life. For example, people could spend too much time with colleagues who complain and gossip a lot, and people spend hours and hours following and commenting on Facebook posts, or even argue with other Facebook users about something that is not going to make any difference in their life. You should minimize the time you spend on things that don’t improve your career or personal life. Give that time to yourself or your friends and family.

3. Put More Time into a Hobby

Our hobby is a powerful tool that gives us ultimate happiness. Think about the last time you got to play your favorite sport, the time you got to attend a dance class and the time you got to take artistic photos. Those are all happy times, aren’t they? Slowly put more time into something that matters to you. They help you recharge your batteries and feel good about life because you get to really LIVE. Be proactive, go to a hobby shop to get your favorite airplane model, take a bath or go for a walk. These little relaxational activities go a long way and ignites joy in your life.